UNLISTED: Second Steel Call for Proposals!

by yinzerspielen on  February 4, 2013 |

We’re excited to announce that Yinzerspielen is accepting proposals from potential co-curators for UNLISTED: Second Steel (happening in Pittsburgh, PA in September 2013)!

This opportunity is open to Pittsburgh-based professionals and/or emerging scholars from the fields of architecture, urban planning, anthropology, sociology, public policy and other disciplines within the humanities (no background in the arts necessary).

For more information on eligibility, timeline, and how to apply, please see our Call for Proposals (click the link for the PDF). You can also request the CFP by emailing christina@yinzerspielen.org. Questions welcome!

PROPOSALS ARE DUE ON MARCH 8, 2013. Final decisions will be announced by March 15.

Want to know more about what a performance curator does? Here are some thoughts from Christina Kruise, one of the curators for UNLISTED: Twice in a Lifetime (Belgrade, September 2012):

What is a Performance Curator Part 1 (Christina) from Yinzerspielen on Vimeo.