A three-way partnership, a fluid and evolving label used by actor/director Patrick Berger, actor/performance researcher Christina Kruise, and playwright/director Cory Tamler to define their collaborative work.
  • Yinzer Pascal
    Cultivating a long-distance friendship with German theater company Turbo Pascal, January-May 2013.
  • UNLISTED: Second Steel
    A site-specific performance series that collides the perspectives of locals and newcomers, forming a lens through which to (re)view cities. Produced by Yinzerspielen. Coming to Pittsburgh, PA in September 2013. Photo by: Christina Kruise (from a community brainstorming meeting in Pittsburgh in February 2013).
  • Test Kitchen @ The Bishop
    "Lighting Candles in Berlin," March 2013. Photo by: Parag S. Gohel. I like how careful Germans are with the word Liebe. They guard love like a secret, the kind that's only meant for one person.
  • Casa de Pessoa
    First performed in August 2012, NYC; stay tuned for details about upcoming performances in July 2013. Part of the #aptplays series. But I'm not an oxcart, I'm different. / But exactly how I'm different no one would ever tell me.


Based out of New York City, we are committed to Performance-as-Research, the furthering of dynamic artist/audience relationships, and taking theater out of the theater.


Yinzerspielen had its start in 2009 as an international collaborative effort between a group of American and a group of German students. True to these roots, we continue to make performances comprising ideas and bodies that have had to cross many borders—national, physical, cultural, psychological—before confluencing.


What we make, we make together.
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